The Dance Planet

A great resource for dance information for all dancers.

What is The Dance Planet?
From the latest news in the dance world to popular dance books and movies to dance competition and company information, the Dance Planet is a helpful, accessible resource for all ages.
Why are we doing this?
We are spreading the appreciation of this art form that is not only culturally significant but also is a medium of expression, exercise, and connection: and we hope that you will join us at the Dance Planet on this enriching journey.
Did you know?
Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet by Jennifer Homans is a national bestseller book. Click here to learn more about dance books.
Did you know?
There are many different, world-class ballet competitions out there. Click here to learn more about competitions.
Did you know?
Marie Taglioni, an Italian dancer, was the first ballerina to dance on pointe. She was coached by her father Filippo. Click here to learn more about ballet history.